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How to keep a wedding on budget? Authored By: Prerna Bajpai, Product Manager, Shaadi-e-khas

A wedding is always touted as the most important part of every person's life. But this usually comes with an indispensible budget which most often than not gets over shot. And since the feeling is so pure and joyous, one also tends to neglect it so as to maintain a certain level of lavishness and grandeur. In fact, budget is also the most imperative part which is set by the spending family/families. But of late, with luxury and show-offs becoming a trend, now there's a saying- marriage budgets are made to be broken! If that's the case with you too, there are various ways to keep a tab on the budget with the availability of the up market wedding planning software that can make the planning of marriage much simple. They help to chalk out a well prepared, step by step plan to tell you what needs to be financed and how much to be spent on everything.

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Wedding management easy way to keep your wedding on budget Authored By: Rupinder Kaur, Product Manager, Shaadi-e-khas

These days, weddings becoming opulent, have paved the way for the usage of the wedding planner website to help wisely chalk out the wedding budget in advance. The website is fast becoming a great resource for all those who are involved in tying the nuptial knot. The online resources also tell a lot about the extra expenses that can be curbed easily by paying for only what would be actually used in the celebrations. Since in organizing the best day of any one's life, expenses get usually shot up dramatically in spite of doing various wedding budget planning. This gives more responsibility on the part of wedding planner website makers to provide more and more useful as well as immaculately practical tips, advice, and resources for the clients to use them effectively and curtail the wastage of money. This also makes the websites available online to give your wedding celebration a new dimension and unforgettable moment to cherish for life.

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Event planners opting for wedding management software for better efficiency in work Authored By: Chandan Sinha, Project Manager, Shaadi-e-khas

A 'Wedding' is said to be a chief event in anyone's life. And to make it a memorable and a trouble free one, event planners leave no stone unturned to organize them in such a way that every little intricacy is taken care of in the most professional way. But over the years, like most trends, event planners are evolving and coming up with myriad new concepts of 'revolutionizing' the wedding concept for the generation next couples. The planners are no longer in possession of their diaries that kept them abreast about all the happenings as well as the long 'to do list'. These days, their all time companion is the wedding planner online website and the software. The software is the new way to make the marriage a success and a lifelong memory.

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Web pages in wedding management software helps you connect better Authored By: Prerna Bajpai, Product Manager, Shaadi-e-khas

With the stupendous rise in the technology sector, there has been an unprecedented growth in almost every sphere of life these days. No one ever thought of making software that could help make planning of wedding so easy! And with the wedding industry and all its professionals and the event planners are readily accustoming themselves to ready-to-use wedding management software as well as wedding website. With the all included software, the web pages in them are another great way to connect with everyone related to the wedding process. And connecting of the web pages in such wedding software is another great way to construct a more integrated, healthy, and an easy to navigate way of communicating. This could be done by connecting any web pages to the software with the help of tags, internal or external links, or taking the help of the software administrator. This helps the world to see one's website or web pages in software.

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Wedding management software is a boon and fun software for tech savvy engaged couples Authored By: Rupinder Kaur, Product Manager, Shaadi-e-khas

In the modern times, driven by technology everywhere around us, it becomes just so natural to go tech savvy and get any work done with the help of the ever revolutionizing technology in our day to day life. And turning for help to get wedding done is not a dream or a fancy anymore! With the availability of so many wonderful tech products which can make the wedding process of couples, a lot easier. Also, when it comes to do wedding planning related matters, most of the contemporary couples take all such matters into their own hands. This makes them independent in carving a unique path to enjoy the wedding process along with the ever-increasing excitement of getting hitched for life! Not only this, it has also made the couples take an exclusive approach to conduct their wedding while taking all their near and dear ones in the loop. Instead of placing the tough work of planning a wedding in the hands of some expensive wedding planner, the modern couples are opting for the fun filled wedding management software to prepare their own traditional fairy tales.

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