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How to keep a wedding on budget? Authored By: Prerna Bajpai, Product Manager, Shaadi-e-khas

A marriage is always touted as the most important part of every person's life. But this usually comes with an indispensible budget which most often than not gets over shot. And since the feeling is so pure and joyous, one also tends to neglect it so as to maintain a certain level of lavishness and grandeur. In fact, budget is also the most imperative part which is set by the spending family/families. But of late, with luxury and show-offs becoming a trend, now there's a saying- marriage budgets are made to be broken! If that's the case with you too, there are various ways to keep a tab on the budget with the availability of the up market wedding planning software that can make the planning of marriage much simple. They help to chalk out a well prepared, step by step plan to tell you what needs to be financed and how much to be spent on everything.

The wedding planning software also provides personalized services and innovative marriage solutions to make the memories of special day totally etched in your mind. The software also ensures that you celebrate the day with fervor and get ready to embark on new voyage as one in style. Made to minimize the worries behind controlling marriage budget effectively, the software includes practically A to Z of marriage services, right from pre marriage tradition ceremonies budget to the honeymoon expenses including trip booking, flight and hotel booking, et al. It can also tell you the approximate budget for each thing involved in the execution of the event.

Also, it also requires a bit of tact as well as creativity from your side to save the cash by organizing the vent in unique way to remain in budget. This includes home-produced invites and other such things with positive attitude which can help a great deal in making marriage on any theme truly exceptional and give you a wonderful experience to boast about the rest of your life! This makes way for the marriage to be a fun event for everyone to cherish and also account for a blissful beginning for bride and groom's lifelong journey.

The wedding planning software also provides an estimate about the basic and important part of marriage like location fee, marriage license, wedding rings, food, drinks, flower arrangements, bride's/ groom's attire along with accessories like cuff links, studs, tiara, etc., musicians' fee, DJ's fee, photographer and videographer's fees, bouquets, guest shuttle/ transportation expenses, guest book, invitations, and gifts for other families and guests. This is done in such a professional way that wedding planning software makes for a memorable marriage in spite of any budget constraints.

In the big list of advantages of the wedding planning software, saying that it takes most of the stress from clients' shoulders is a cliche. It in itself is a one man army which has been designed to match your marriage related needs in most cost efficient manner possible. It's as much effective in the crunching economy as in the regular economy. So why not try the software today?