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Media Coverage

Band, Baaja, Business
January 18th, 2012 | Media: Business today

San Francisco-based software development company Veristrat launched a wedding management software for India, called Shaadi-e Khas, in April 2011. CEO Bharat Kanodia pegs the size of the Indian wedding market which includes all expenses incurred at a wedding at about $25 billion, or 1.25 lakh crore, and growing at 25 to 30 per cent a year.Shaadi-e-Khas, which is sold to wedding planners and retail customers, helps manage RSVPs, guests travel dates, accounts, hotel reservations, providing directions to the venue, and uploading wedding pictures and videos.

" Unlike an excel sheet, Shaadi-e Khas makes your work about 80 per cent more efficient by sending you automated reminders for every task," says Kanodia. Customers also get webspace for wedding pictures and videos. The online software also provides a list of 800 pre-screened vendors, including florists, mehndi artists, and videographers.

Because it is the only such product in the market, Shaadi-e Khas is often mistaken for a wedding planning agency. "People who have bought our software sometimes expect us to courier invitations," says Kanodia, with a laugh.

Veristrat primary target is the young, tech-savvy professional who is working out her or his wedding budget. One such customer is Delhi based marketing executive Smriti Khanna. She and her husband used Shaadi-e-Khas to plan their wedding, and she says the credit for all the last minute tasks they accomplished goes to the softwares automated reminder feature.

"If a million (couples) have internet access, and if we are getting even 10 per cent of that traffic, we will service about 100,000 weddings a year," says Kanodia.

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