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Bharat Kanodia's wedding management software helps you feel in total control as you organize the big day.
June 1st, 2011 | Media: Marwar India

Bharat Kanodia's wedding management software helps you feel in total control as you organize the big day. Couples organizing their wedding on their own and wedding planners who do it for a living, relax. You can avoid chewed up nails and nervous breakdowns with the help of a new software that is designed to keep things under control, help you get organised, reduce the stress and ensure that everything sails along smoothly on the big day.

Shaadi-e-Khas is an online wedding management software that has just been launched in India by Bharat Kanodia, a former finance executive in Silicon Valley who moved back to New Delhi last year after 16 years in USA.

Kanodia had the brainwave in the shower. Too cool to shout Eureka when the idea hit him - that families and wedding planners need a tool to 'ease the pain' of planning and organizing a gigantic wedding - he did nevertheless rush out to tell his startled wife to cancel their weekend in Ranthambore because he wanted to go to the office instead to develop the idea.

We've created the software for two kinds of people - the individual or family organising a medium-sized wedding and wedding planners who need this software for organizing mammoth weddings," he says.

Weddings have a nasty tendency to spiral out of control and wreak emotional devastation. The length of the 'to-do' list can be scary - worse than managing the logistics of an army on the move. People lose their heads. The toughest nuts crack under the pressure. On a stress test, organizing a meeting of the UN General.

A assembly is a piece of cake in comparison. This is where Shaadi-e-Khas comes in, to give everyone a sense of control over the situation.

As someone who loved sailing in San Francisco, Kanodia likes to use sailing analogies. As captain of the boat, the trick is to make sure that water stays out of the boat, that people stay out of the water, and that you don't hit anything hard.

When it's a wedding, you need to add 5,000 more things to this list of three. Shaadi-e-Khas can manage, inter alia, the guest list, invitations, track the RSVP's, create a checklist and schedules, manage vendors, keep track of expenses, create image and video libraries that can be shared with family and friends online or via Facebook, give guests directions from the hotel to the various venues, track arrivals and departures, supervise specific culinary requirements, and remind every person involved of what they are meant to do to make the wedding a success.

You can do all this from your mobile phone. In the thick of things, no one is going to take out their laptop to check a detail, so our software can be used on a mobile or Blackberry. Shaadi-e-Khas is like having a central command of the entire event on your fingertips," says Kanodia.

Shaadi-e-Khas also offers, as part of their package, a customised wedding website where the couple can post their pictures and information about themselves and talk about how the marriage will be celebrated. Their friends and relatives around the world can access the site to see what they can expect on the day.

Kanodia's team has really worked on the details. The SMS service they use, for example, is based in USA because in India text messages can sometimes be delivered three to four hours late.

Another reason is that these days you have to assume that 5-10 per cent of the guests will be foreigners and our reminders and SMSs should be able to reach their mobile phones abroad. So we use the American service for reliability," he says.

Surprisingly,event planners in India, despite the lavishness, scale, sophistication and complex logistics of many weddings, use no special software to help them control the chaos, apart from good old Excel.

When they find out that we have created a device intended to make their lives easier, they are thrilled. They are so used to catering to other people's needs, they never thought that someone could cater to their needs," says Kanodia.

He conceived and developed the software for his San Francisco-based Corporation, Veristrat Inc, and plans to open offices in Singapore and Hong Kong to cater to the growing Asian market.

The best compliment he has received was from a private individual who had just used Shaadi-e-Khas for his wedding. "You put me at the steering wheel so that I can steer my own wedding. I felt in complete control", he told Kanodia.

For more details, visit shaadiekhas.com or call 011-4940-4918.

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