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CrediHealth, Perfiniti, FolksVagn & Shaadi-e-Khaas: Four start-ups with innovative ideas
March 16th, 2014 | Media: The Economic Times

THE WEDSITE MANAGER The big fat Indian wedding brings under its umbrella a variety of players — wedding planners, chefs, artists, decorators, florists and more. Most of this is brought together in the $30-billion business informally — via word of mouth or on a scrap book. That's where Shaadi-e-Khaas, a business software for wedding planning, believes is hidden its slice of the wedding action.

Start-ups Shaadi-e-Khaas breaks the herculean wedding planning exercise into tasks such as managing the guest list with the help of the guest manager, a task manager for assigning tasks amongst the vendors, e-mail invites and automatic e-mail reminders at specific intervals. It connects with a predefined list of wedding services providers and maintains a guest list with information on accommodation/travel details and an RSVP tracker.

The bookkeeping section helps maintain accounts of the wedding spends. The tool also offers space for uploading videos and photographs. Bharat Kanodia, who launched the software roughly two years ago, says he was inspired by his brother's wedding to create a system to ease the wedding management process.

"It was an elaborate affair with multiple tasks in hand for every kind of event in the wedding. I thought technology could do wonders in planning out the wedding. The online software also provides a list of 800 pre-screened vendors, including florists, artists and videographers.

Bharat KanodiaThe Shaadi-e-Khaas software comes in three packages — silver is for free and includes the guest manager, online wedding invitations, with a 'wedsite' manager (a compilation for all the wedding website features).

Next, the gold package enables multiple events such as mehendi, wedding day, reception and others to be handled with event manager, vendor manager and costs Rs 2,100. The platinum package consists of the budget-keeping section, notepad manager and other online managerial features and comes for Rs 3,100.

The Shaadi-e-Khaas website launched about two years back is currently undergoing a revamp, with a focus on improving the user interface. And Kanodia is busy working on a mobile app for the software. The upgrades should be ready by the next wedding season — by which time you could get all you need for a wedding on your smartphone. Except a bride!


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