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Organize Your D -day with Shaadi-e-Khas Wedding Management Software
October 2nd, 2011 | Media: socialwoot.com

Shaadi-e-Khas, getting married was never so much fun!

Getting married is such a beautiful moment and for every person who is tying the knot; the day is the most special. They look forward to sharing the joy with their loved ones- family and friends, apart from planning the whole event as grand as possible. Shaadi-e-Khas is one website that has been created keeping in mind the tension and stress that the groom and bride go through. They have created wedding management software which will help the people involved have good control over the situation and keep track of all the details.

Why Shaadi-e-Khas?

To help bring together couples from around the world, Shaadi-e-Khas , the online wedding management software was born. To make weddings fun, to give the people who are working on the event some relief and make their tasks easier, Shaadi-e-Khas came up with the software.

This wedding software is the only solution to put everything in place and ease any pre wedding worries or tension. They truly focus on making the day a memorable one for the couple, bringing their dreams alive.

All one needs to do is sign up with the Shaadi-e-Khas software and they will not miss a single detail that goes into a successful wedding, giving the bride and groom just what they want. Starting with the venue to the cake and the catering, every minute detail is recorded in the software. They also help people invite guests, organize the seating arrangement and go all the way down to organizing the vehicles for the pick up and drops from airport and various other points.

The minute a couple get engaged, they can enroll with the website and watch their wedding fall into place with not a single hitch. No last minute panic attacks, no worries, no misunderstandings, the software takes care of just about everything for the couple and others in the family, giving them a sense of confidence and support at all times.


  • There are portions of the Shaadi-e-Khas wedding software that gives members of the family the option of uploading, editing photographs related to the wedding as well. This can be done to share the joy of the occasion with people they know via Facebook as well. What this means is that people can watch the progress, or updates from their phones from any corner of the world. This takes it to a new level of wedding planning, making the software one of a kind.
  • They can even take over the guest list or menus and get whatever needs be done completed with others taking care of various other aspects of the wedding. The Shaadi-e-Khas wedding management software uses the latest in technology, giving members giving the reigns to wedding planning.
  • The Shaadi-e-Khas software allows people to stick to their budgets and timelines, by giving periodic reminders and alarms for tasks to be completed.
  • The software comes pre-packed with their own personalized wedding portal, and of course a management and organizing software as well. All these put together will help the people who are part of the wedding party cherish every memory created and leave them stress free.
  • From the guest list, the members can manage the RSVPs and schedules of all their guests, giving them a headstart and leverage in sorting out other minute details. Through the Shaadi-e-Khas software will also allow the users to manage the expenses, vendors and consolidate all the photographs and videos when they share them with their family and friends. All this keeps the wedding parties all sorted out and happy, enjoying themselves till the very last moment.
  • The best thing about Shaadi-e-Khas wedding software is that one does not need to be sitting and spending hours on a computer or laptop, everything can be done via the Mobile phones. All one needs is a smart phone or any other phone that can work with GPRS and with good speed internet browsing.

To know more, visit their website or their Facebook page

Thinking about tying the knot? Sign up with Shaadi-e-Khas online wedding software now. And if you have friends who are thinking about taking the plunge, share this with them and make their life easy. They will be eternally grateful to you for introducing them to Shaadi-e-Khas wedding software!

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