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Media Coverage

Shaadi-e-Khas - A unique experience to plan wedding
September 18th, 2012 | Media: merinews.com

Shaadi-e-Khas is an online wedding management software, designed keeping in mind the needs of the end users who like to keep a firm hold on the reigns when it comes to planning and organizing important events. In a candid interview, CEO and Founder of Shaadi-e-Khas, Bharat Kanodia spoke to this citizen journalist about the inspiration behind the initiative and its advantages to consumers who want to make their weddings a life-long experience. Excerpts.

It helps you to stay focused and most importantly within your budget. The software comes packed with a personalized wedding website, and a customized management and organizing software. Combined, these capture all the treasured moments and the details of the important event.

CJ: What is the genesis and inspiration behind Shaadi-e-Khas?

Mr Kanodia: Shaadi-e-Khas started operations in 2011. It was developed after I organized my brother's wedding and was determined to develop a more simple, organized and connected tool to manage the entire event.


CJ: How Shaadi-e-khas offers a unique experience to couples in planning their wedding?

Mr Kanodia: Shaadi-e-Khas is unique as in it's a one stop shop for getting a wedding website, so you can save money on wedding invitation cards. Its helps couples share the entire event in a private manner with all their friends and family worldwide. Couples can share pictures, videos, event details etc. via our wedsite (wedding site). Family members who are organizing the wedding can use Shaadi-e-Khas to get organized, send invites, send task reminders, select pre-screened and genuine wedding vendors, and keep track of expenses. And they can do all this from their mobile phone.

CJ: What is the potential of the wedding industry in India and how Shaadi-e-Khas intends to leverage it?

Mr Kanodia: Wedding industry is one of the fastest growing segments in India. Today, the spends on the event and expenses, not including capital expenditure like cars and jewels, is $30 billion! If we include the capital expenditure, this industry is over $110 billion! Surprisingly these numbers are only for people residing in India. NRIs are precluded from these estimates. So one can imagine the excitement we get when we think about our future prospects. The best way for us to leverage this ripe and fast growing industry is to stay strong and provide excellent customer service. Our customer service department is very friendly and helpful. We go out of our way to help our customers, and I know that it will help us grow leaps and bounds.

CJ: You are also launching 2.0 version of Shaadi-e-Khas wedding planning software. What is it all about?

Mr Kanodia: We are very excited about Shaadi-e-Khas version 2.0. This version is developed after intense user feedback. The system is simpler, smarter and most user friendly. Our users will know exactly what to do when they sign up, and they can start planning and organizing their wedding day from day One.

CJ: How will users gain or find it useful? And how do they manage the show?

Mr Kanodia: Our customers enjoy having the details of the event on their finger tips. The system allows them to pull data, share information and store details from anywhere. Some old school people use pen and pad for this, and they too are slowly shifting to the new age way of managing events. Our customers have managed wedding from budgets as low as INR30k to INR110cr which indicates that Shaadi-e-Khas is flexible and adaptable for every size and type of wedding.

CJ: Are there any plans to expand footprint and customer base in India?

Mr Kanodia: Shaadi-e-Khas has already helped in planning and organizing over 10,000 weddings worldwide. Most of our development happens via word of mouth, as our current users send invites and share their wedsite with families and friends. We are projecting to be part of over 100,000 wedding by end of 2013. Our product is slowly expanding into the vendor and gift registry as well, and these will be additional sources of revenue for us.


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