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Media Coverage

Tips for tech-savvy wedding planning
May 31st, 2015 | Media: The Times Of India

Wedding apps

Why do you need a wedding app? Aren't the elders in the family supposed to take care of action of the wedding? In a traditional set-up, yes, but with the younger generation taking control of the entire planning, execution, finances et al, such apps are proving to be a lucrative model for their developers and a knight in shining armour for people looking forward to infuse a bit of technology in their wedding.

Bharat Kanodia, founder of a wedding management software, explains why this works with youngsters, "Because it is the time of smartphones and smart people. They now want to engage invitees in a smart and workable manner, and wedding apps help them achieve this goal by enabling them wedding planningto send mass invites on WhatsApp (reducing the use of paper), make video invites, connect with vendors at the click of a button and make sure that everything fits in the budget."

A wedding app should let you import, categorise and manage the guest list, directly connect you with verified vendors, and make sure that you don't exceed your budget, with the help of tools like a budget calculator.


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