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Media Coverage

Wedding planning gets digital dose
August 14th, 2011 | Media: The Sunday Guardian

The big fat Indian wedding can be a logistical nightmare even for the most seasoned event organisers. Little wonder then, that the crazy world of weddings has spawned a sub-industry of wedding planners and organisers who take over the process, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the experience. Now Veristrat has gone a step further and developed an online tool that gives people the option to manage the entire show" complete with band, baaja and baarat" with the mere click of a button. Shaadi-e-Khas, an online event and wedding management software, aims to simplify the tedious task of planning a wedding.

"In India, both the IT industry and wedding industry are big. The astonishing part is nobody has ever thought of bridging the gap between the two. We are the first company that is building an IT product especially for the wedding industry. In India, we notice that the person is in-charge of managing the wedding usually ends up getting stressed and not enjoying the event itself. With our software, we hope to make weddings a smooth ride for them," Veristrat CEO Bharat Kanodia says.

Available on all smartphones, the application helps one manage guest lists, send invites, track RSVPs, create checklists, manage vendors and expenses, create images and video libraries, print reports and much more. It offers three packages: a 30-day free trial, silver (cost Rs 2,500) and gold (cost Rs 5,000) packages.

"The Shaadi-e-Khas user interface is easy to use. The software is self-explanatory and simple to understand. It has specialised options for customers who prefer to have an Indian feel attached to it; we have designed some of our templates taking into consideration Indian tastes and sensibilities. The application has options ranging from classic to royal weddings at affordable prices," Kanodia told Guardian20.

He further adds that although most of their clientele hailed from metropolitan cities, the software was also gaining popularity in the smaller towns. "With the easy availability of the Internet, we are getting queries from all across the country; most of our customers are couples who are engaged to get married. We are also in the process of expanding and are targeting the global market, especially the NRIs settled abroad," he says.

Divya Rana, who got married a few years ago, says she would have tried the smartphone application to plan her grand day if she had the chance. "I would have tried it, but might not have completely relied on it. However, it might have made my wedding arrangement much more hassle-free," she says.

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