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Medical Yoga Centre

6/1, Jai Dev Park, East Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi

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Yoga and Modern Medical Sciences share a common scientific approach that is verifiability and reproducibility of the process and outcomes.

Yoga asanas have been used in conjunction with Ayurveda medicine for a long time and it therapeutic benefits have been scientifically established. This has resulted in a specialised branch of yoga, called Medical Yoga, focusing on simplified Asanas (with or without specially designed props) for a variety of illnesses. For diagnosis, Medical Yoga partly relies on medical diagnostics and partly on traditional holistic approach.

Medical Yoga aims at healing the body, controlling the mind and enabling the practitioners (saadhakas) to attain their physical and mental potential, helping them to realize their true self.

It emphasises on conservation of energy/oxygen supply and directing it to the specific sub-systems-muscular, respiratory, circulatory, digestive etc.



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